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Visualizating olympics medals in R

Recently I have been more interested to perform web scraping to extract public data to perform data analysis. There are probably many R packages out there that do a good job at such task, but I found out that the rvest was among the most popular ones. Hence I... [Read More]

eemR 0.1.3 is now on CRAN

With Shiny visualization!

eemR has been updated to v0.1.3 and brings a lot of new features. Among the most interesting ones: Shiny support: You can interactively visualize EEMS by using interactive = TRUE. Ex.: plot(X, interactive = TRUE). A vignette has been added. ... [Read More]

gtrendsR 1.3.1

gtrendsR 1.3.1 is now on CRAN

grtendsR 1.3.1 is now on CRAN fixing many bugs. Fixing issue #34 where connection verification was not done properly. Now able to use more latin character in query. For example: gtrends("montréal"). Can now deal with data returned other than in English language. [Read More]

Introducing gtrendsR

Introduction gtrendsR provides an interface for retrieving and displaying the information returned online by Google Trends. Trends (number of hits) over the time as well as geographic representation of the results can be displayed. The package can be installed using the following command: devtools[Read More]